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This will pretty much be updated on an ongoing basis, but for now, here’s a “little” FAQ:

  • Who are you?
    • So first of all, the answer to that question is very complex.
    • My name, first of all, if you didn’t know, is Melanie.
    • I was born in 1988, yeah, feeling pretty old now…
    • I have Asperger Syndrome
    • I have recently been Diagnosed with FND
      • I can’t stand, and I can’t walk. I use a wheelchair to get around everywhere, and unfortunately, for the foreseeable future, that is the way my life is going to be.
      • (This is one of the reasons for why I’m doing this as well).
    • I’m tall… Really tall… 185cm… Or 6’1″ if you want it the antiquated way.
    • I’m transgender, specifically, Male to Female.


  • Why are you doing this?
    • Because it’s a way for me to my thoughts out there… I don’t care who reads them, or if anyone does for that matter. This is for me, not for you (I know that sounds rude, but that IS what this is intended for).


  • What’re you going to post here?
    • Mostly, probably journals.
    • They’ll be quite personal, be warned.
    • But I’ll also probably post the occasional rant.
    • Or comment on a topic of relevance for me.
    • Or many other things. Only time can tell at the moment.
    • The main reason for me creating / re-creating this blog, is so I have ONE place, that I can access from anywhere, where I can put my “stuff”