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The inner Dialogue

If ever there was a way to listen to the “Inner dialogue” between your conscious mind and your subconscious, mine would sound something like this:
S: Hey C, you know that problem we’ve been working on at work?
C: Uh, it’s the middle of the night, can this wait?
S: Nono, listen, I’ve come up with this brilliant solution.
C: Look, S, I really need sleep, otherwise I’m not going to be able to do anything in the morning
S: Well, then make morning now!
C: But can’t I just sleep?
S: Nono, because I’ll forget everything I just came up with if we don’t do something about it like, right now.
S: Oh, and just to make sure you don’t go back to sleep, let me play this awesome tune you’ve been listening to on full volume!
C: S, please! Stop it!
S: No, we need to think about this now, there’s no time like the present, right?
C: Well there’s always the…
S: Morning, yaaaawn! I know, but I’m awake now, so come on, we need to do this now.
C: But the office isn’t even open for another 4 hours!
S: Doesn’t matter, we’ll just use that fancy remote desktop thing! 😀
C: Guh… *attempts to go back to sleep despite all the noise in her head*
S: *Plays music, recites her plan to take over the world, and also work on that problem*
[1 hour later]
C: [Still trying to sleep]
S: [Has moved on to more direct approaches to get C to get up…]
C: *Looks at time, sighs*
S: Hey, look, there’s new notifications on Facebook!
C: Yeah, doesn’t matter, it’s the middle of the night!
S: You said that five hours ago :O
C: It’s only been one -.-
S: Well it felt like FIVE, now get up, just read those notifications, I’m sure they’re important.
C: F…..! Fine!
S: See, now let’s go take over the world; one programming challenge at a time.
C: Oh for FUCKS SAKE S, I just want to sleep!
S: I’m not letting you! LALALALALA!!
C: *Groans loudly and finally decides to get up*
S: See! Not so hard!
C: I’m in pain
S: Doesn’t matter
C: I’m still tired
C: … *Submits to S’ unyielding resolve, turns on her computer and brews a cup of coffee*
C: Thanks S… -.-
S: Yoooouuu’re welcome! *flickers off*