Another day

So, today I was actually able to sleep a little longer than on a normal work day.

I had to get an injection (Which I get every 28 days). But the problem is/was that my appointment wasn’t until 11:20.

This meant that showing up for work at 9:00, or even working from home for an hour would’ve been pretty pointless (At least that’s what my manager and I agreed on).

I must say I’m a little confused at the moment. On one side, I have this amazing new thing going on at work, that’s supposed to help me get back to a normal, 5-day working week. But on the other, I also have doctors appointments galore that I need to keep up with, and the particular problem today, apparently, was that it fell on one of the days that was allocated for work.

Unfortunately these appointments aren’t easily re-scheduled, and in particular not this one.

So okay, fine, I took half the day off my annual paid leave; which my manager immediately got worried about, because he was going like “Oh but then next week when you have that appointment with the wheelchair clinic, you’ll have to take another day off, and then maybe HR won’t be happy”.

I can kind of get his worries, and I appreciate them, but I also have to look at this from my perspective.

No, I’m not simply calling in sick because I’m feeling exhausted, or half-dead, or leaving early because I’ve run out of spoons unexpectedly.

These are routine appointments that I have to keep, and if I can’t do that while also working actively towards a better “me at work”, then I don’t know what else to do.

In the end, we came to the agreement that next week, I’ll be working Tuesday-Thursday, instead of the agreed Wednesday-Friday (Which I’m fine with by the way; it’s a way to solve their issues, and I can appreciate that).

But when the time comes for me to go back to the full 5-day working week, will the attitude be the same then? I can’t just put my well-being aside for work, that’s not how it works, and I know that HR is in complete agreement with that.

More doctors appointments than ever is a reality I’m still struggling to accept. But I have to; otherwise I’ll fall apart entirely.

I always try to schedule appointments either early in the morning, or late in the afternoon / evening, but people have to realise, that some of my appointments aren’t scheduled by me. I have no influence over when or where they take place.


Oh well, enough dwelling on that. In other news, did my first hand over in the new team today; yay. Team dynamics still need quite a bit of work, but you know, we’re getting there :3

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