Achievement Granted

So, the past few days have been both intense and… Weird I suppose, not sure which word I’m looking for here to be honest.

After three FULL days of work (Which I’m quite proud of), I had to sleep for 18 hours to recover (That was pretty much the entire Saturday).

It’s not something I’m happy with; but I’m hoping that, as time progresses, those hours will go down as I get more used to working full-time (For three days at least, for now).

I’m a little worried that I won’t be able to adjust, but only time will tell that. For now, all I can do is hope!

So apart from playing a lot of KSP at the moment, I’ve also reached out to friends and support groups on the fessbewk, with great success so far! 🙂

I’m so happy that people actually want to meet me, and seem to genuinely enjoy the time we spend together (And yes, I did enjoy the meet ups so far! Hope they continue).

Today, I meet an old colleague (We never really interacted at work, but well, happy she friended me on fessbewk!) and I genuinely enjoyed it this time as well! We’re planning another meet up in a couple of weeks to play a bit of board games 😀

So, after having a bit of coffee and small snacks, we went to the shopping centre, and I finally got around to getting my eyebrows done again; sheesh, the difference that made xD

Also bought a few bits and pieces of clothes, some knitting needles and some very cheap yarn… I did knitting as a child in school, and I really liked it back then, so I’m hopeful that I still have the dexterity in my hands to do it again; just need to find some simple “recipes” and then see what happens!

On the Menu for Monday is, hopefully, getting rid of some of all the rubbish that has accumulated in my flat again… *sigh* I just don’t have the capacity to do it on normal work days, or after “going out”…


In other news; I just retrieved a letter from my postbox today, informing me that I now have a home visit from a “qualified health professional” scheduled for the 24th of March (Which is a Thursday *eyeroll*). So another thing for Monday: call “Atos” and ask if they can reschedule that for a Monday or Tuesday, and then “pray” that it doesn’t affect the outcome.

My manager is being… Very formal and seemingly quite strict about the whole “three full days” at work, and I’ve promised to do everything in my power to schedule appointments on Mondays or Tuesdays. Sometimes that’s not possible though :c – And well, next week I have an appointment on a Friday (Wheelchair clinic), which he was quite unhappy about… We agreed that I’d be in Tue-Thu instead of Wed-Fri next week, which kind of throws me a little off balance, but if I can manage to get things under control, everything should be fine.

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