The world from my POV

Welcome to something “new!”

I thought I’d try and do a little mini-series, or on-going, depending on how it turns out, on how things “look” from my perspective.

These will be pictures, comments, etc. that are all related to being “short again” I suppose – If I could stand, I’d be about 183cm tall (6’1″)…

Ever since I became wheelchair bound, I’ve re-discovered what it means to be short. But not only that; I’ve also discovered just how annoying some of the most basic things can be.

For example, grabbing a napkin…

Nobody thinks twice about it, but when you’re as short as me, you start getting annoyed when someone mounts the dispenser this high up…

Or why it has to be mounted above a sink, making access even harder. Getting close enough to the wall so my long arms can actually reach it is difficult enough already. If I’m lucky, I can just about grab one and pull it out, but if I’m not so lucky, I have to struggle, and sometimes give up because I’m just “too short”.

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