Some of that 4K goodness :D

So I finally decided to “upgrade” my gaming rig…

MB : AsRock Z170 Extreme7+
CPU: Intel Core i5-6600k
RAM: 4 x 4GB G.Skill Ripjaws 4
GFX: 2 x EVGA NVidia GTX 980TI SC
HDD: 2 x 480GB HyperX Savage SSDs (RAID 0)
Screens: 2 x Acer Predator "XB271HK" (27" 4K)

And now, for some light Fallout 4 images, taken on this PC. (I have yet to play anything but FO4, but then again, I’ve only had this set-up for two days :P)

Image of Mel's Fallout 4 Character, holding her favourite, rather large, gun.
May likes big guns


Image of a scene from fallout 4
What happened here?

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